Featured Audrey Hepburn by Richard Avedon Original Proof 1956

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  1. I’m happy to say I just purchased this from a friend of mine who had bought it & sold it to me. It is in excellent condition.

    it’s an original 1956 un-retouched working proof of Audrey Hepburn for the movie Funny Face by world acclaimed photographer Richard Avedon. Once it is custom framed, it will most certainly be a very welcome addition to the Hepburn section of my vintage photography collection. I think it’s beautiful, and so is Audrey❤️

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  3. ❤️
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    Audrey was always beautiful. And stylish, even in a funny ballet pose like this.
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    Has it got the Avedon studio stamp or anything on the back Maven?
  8. It doesn’t have his stamp on the verso, but it is a working proof so it wasn’t usual for a photographer to put a stamp on the unfinished product, but Avedon would have certainly taken & developed this proof. Avedon shot these and other photography for the movie for Paramount, he was the Special Visual Advisor for the film, and many of his photos were used throughout the movie and for publicity (it is also known that photographer Bill Avery did actual production images during filming, most notably The Bohemian Dance scene). *This is one of the rare un-retouched proofs shot by Avedon to find as well.

    *come think of it, I don’t recall seeing this particular image used, or have not spotted it on the internet. If anyone does/has seen it somewhere, I’d certainly love to hear about it.
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