Featured Audrey Hepburn/Funny Face Original Proof by Richard Avedon (*Update It’s back!!)

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  1. Well this is certainly a welcome sight today. Just back from the framers nicely preservation framed, looks great with the natural light coming through the window, great subtle contrast, the tones are warm, rich & amazing! (this will be hung out of direct light though). This is the original 1956 vintage original un-retouched photo proof of Audrey Hepburn by Richard Avedon. This will be happily & ceremoniously placed on the wall to join my other vintage photos. My Hepburn collection is very happy, so am I.❤️ 0DAEEF4A-863D-44D1-A837-AF993EA9F51A.jpeg
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  2. Audrey takes her rightful place this evening on my home gallery wall, so excited! (Sorry if the colour seems a little off with the shots taken the way my iPad captured it, it’s just the warm indoor lighting in this area of my place at night, to the naked eye this proof is such an amazing black & white. Wow! I’m in awe, I just can’t explain...I’ve got those good chills❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️)

    751138A6-404D-43B6-BD75-239CC0AEF659.jpeg F2984A12-C1CA-432C-953B-D23539C7562D.jpeg
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  3. Figtree3

    Figtree3 What would you do if you weren't afraid?

    They did a wonderful job in framing it... enjoy!
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  4. Thank You @Figtree3 (Alex, aka “the framers”) is a sweet, fantastic man, he is retired and does this for the love of it, I’m so glad I was pointed in his direction. He definitely has an appreciation for the era of prints I bring to him to frame, I think he most certainly gets a kick out of it. We usually end up having lengthy conversations about this stuff and history etc. I’m having my morning coffee and looking at this one right now. ❤️Maven
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