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    The Basiliscoe Mercury351

    TheInternet newsletter for the arms and armour community

    Ancient arrows, swords and a whole soldier found. A couple of interesting cannon stories, including the recovery of a painted gun carriage and a new composite cannon. An actual exhibition and some ideas for Christmas shopping. Nearing the end of 2020….

    Ancient arrows emerging from the glaciers of Norway

    Early medieval sword from the Netherlands

    William Wallace and his sword

    Hunting round the world and through the ages

    Recreating where the bison roamed

    Medieval fishing

    Scottish medieval deer parks

    Grave stories

    Studying Byzantine bones

    16th century soldier found in Lithuanian lake- makes a change from swords

    Through the arrow-slit . . .

    Investigating Byzantine castle destroyed in the Third crusade

    New future for Caernarfon Castle

    World Heritage

    Short illustrated piece on the Terracotta army

    Monitoring clan behaviour in an Edo Castle

    Short illustrated feature on Gobindgarh Fort, India

    Cannons to the left, cannon to the right

    Gun carriage recovered from the Dnieper.

    Dutch VOC composite cannon found and raised off Norway

    Friction primer among the finds at Fort Douglas, Salt Lake City


    Short illustrated feature on Swedish runestones

    British library acquires new medieval manuscript

    The Lucas Psalter: Forgotten manuscript acquired by British Library – Museum Crush

    Royal French childrenin portraits

    What’s under the stairs-gun barrels, amongst other things….

    Café Basiliscoe: this week’s menu

    Medieval meat

    With choice of beverages: Recreated ancient beers

    or coffee

    Into the 20th century

    WWI airfield found in Oxfordshire

    Nautical news

    Studying medieval charts

    16th century bronze gun found and raised off Sicily

    Dai fondali di San Leone "riaffiora" uncannone del XVI secolo - Giornale di Sicilia (

    Cannone del 16º secoloriaffiora dal mare di San Leone: al via al restauro(

    Museum news and exhibitions


    US museum staff and C19

    Arrests in the Dresden Museum heist

    Hopefully not a sign of the future- Royal Marines Museum turned into luxuryhotel

    The collections of the Society of Antiquaries of London and its threats

    Society of Antiquaries fights for its home and its stunning collection – Museum Crush

    European museums in lockdown, again

    New museums

    Sri Lanka decides to open a Museum of Weapons

    Tour of Egypt’s Carriage Museum

    Museum developments

    The smell of the past

    Museum musings

    Interesting piece on the Met


    Well, this is an interesting story!

    Native American powder-horn returned to spiritual home

    Tokens of remembrance

    Tokens of remembrance | National Trust for Scotland (


    Knights and Romanovs in Amsterdam


    British museum books

    Online Books

    Selection of books on historical topics


    Online lectureby Dr Ralph Moffat: 1 December 1pm

    Wee Willie & the King’s Silver Trousers: A Tale of Medieval Arms & Armour from the Society of Antiquaries Library


    ICOMAM conference –Toledo, Spain

    New dates 17 – 21 May 2021

    Sales, fairs and auctions

    2 December 2020 London

    Antique Arms, Armour & Militaria

    3 December 2020 London

    Antique Arms, Modern Sporting Guns & Exceptional Firearms

    7 – 11 December 2020 Munich


    Websites and downloads

    Enjoy blue seas, WW2 planes and shipwrecks in Malta

    Explore English wreck from the comfort and warmth of your own fireside

    Virtual Dive Trails | Historic England

    Military History online

    Finally Christmas Shopping!

    Canadian War Museum Boutique – YOUR COUNTRY. YOUR HISTORY. YOUR MUSEUM.

    The Met Store | Gifts from The Metropolitan Museum of Art (

    This fortnight I tweeted Turkish cannon for Thanksgiving (and who they were firing at).

    Compiled by Ruth Rhynas Brown –30 November 2020

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    Cool, that’s my next few weeks reading material sorted! Thanks for posting.
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