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  1. Brian Warshaw

    Brian Warshaw Well-Known Member

    This is not mine; but I looked at it in a charity shop. Does anybody know the design, or more importantly the Backmark? It's a 3-legged bowl (No photograph).

    dish 1.jpg

    dish 2.jpg
  2. Marote

    Marote Well-Known Member

    Din't find the mark at my usual go-to Limoges marks site. There was one that had some similarities, but that was for a maker with the initials DM, and it was clearly a D and an M, while this one looks more like an M and a J. With Google I also found an Limoges MJ and a JM, but those have different marks.
    In other words (that might sound familiar):
    Beats me
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  3. Brian Warshaw

    Brian Warshaw Well-Known Member

    You got me thinking on a different path: Maureil Chapeau and Charles. Different; but the same. dish 3.jpg
  4. Marote

    Marote Well-Known Member

    At first I also thought that could be the right name, but if you google them, all the marks are the same, so none looking like the one from "your" bowl.
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