Berkey and Gay 1928 dining table

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    975D18B3-97FB-4C48-8465-26DB35FA3DD7.png I own this table from my grandmother's house which was purchased in Grand Rapids around 1928. Does it have any history or value. 12E2EF4F-47F4-4608-8553-C3E70B418390.jpeg 12E2EF4F-47F4-4608-8553-C3E70B418390.jpeg
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    Perfectly charming walnut Jacobethan Revival piece from Berkey & Gay, the largest manufacturer of quality furniture at the time. Not worth alot because of the glut in used dining room furniture. So: perfectly respectable history, but not alot of value. I'd keep it if possible.
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    We'd LOVE to see the whole table!!!!:):)
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