Bols Wilhemina Jubileum Decanter ?

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    hello guys,so i have this ceramic decanter,it was made by the anjer pottery in gouda,netherland.I know this decanter was made by bols to commemorate the reign of queen wilhemina,it was wrote 1948,but i was told that actually this decanter were made from 1947 to 1970 is this true?because i think this is only made in 1948s,and what's the name of this pattern?is it gouda?any information will be appreciated,thank you

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    Can't help with much on this, except to say that Gouda is probably the place/city where the manufacturer is located, though there was a company called Royal Gouda.
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  5. Any Jewelry

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    Lovely jug, and collectible. Made by Anjer potteries in the town of Gouda.
    Are you sure it was made for Bols? Bols is a well-known Dutch jenever brand. If it was made for Bols, it probably has the name somewhere on the jug.

    You're correct, it commemorates the 'Regeringsjubileum H.M. Koningin Wilhelmina', the jubilee of the reign of her majesty queen Wilhelmina.
    In the centre is the Dutch Lion with the seven arrows for the Seven United Provinces that were the start of the Netherlands as a united, independent republic. The republic later became a kingdom, something that was imposed on the Netherlands by surrounding monarchies after the period of the French occupation under Napoleon.
    Above the lion is the Dutch crown, which is symbolic only, since our monarchs are never crowned, but inaugurated, like a president.
    Below the lion is 'Je Maintiendrai' the motto of the House of Orange, which Wilhelmina belonged to.
    The House of Orange is a funny name, but it is actually inherited from the princes of the southern French city of Orange. The title passed to a branch of the German House of Nassau, which is now known as the House of Orange Nassau. Complicated, I know.
    Around the lion are orange branches, orangist symbols of the House of Orange. Orangists were the people who supported the princes of Orange in Dutch politics. Not to be confused with Northern Irish orangists.
    It was made for the jubilee only. The person who told you was probably confused with the total operational period of de Anjer potteries, which was from 1947- ca 1970. They were specialized in presentation and commemorative ware, and were among several ceramics manufacturers in the town of Gouda. A more famous manufacturer was Zuid Holland.
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  6. Silver Wolf

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    thanks for brief information,and yes in the back side above the handle it was wrote Erven Lucas Bols Amsterdam,and in another article i read there're a pub that still use this jug as real decanter in netherland,actually this jug was missing its the stopper in the top.So the anjer pottery was closed in 1970?
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    Yes, if it is a jenever jug, it is missing its stopper. It looks pretty as it is, but the value will be less.
    Really nice when they use the old 'stuff'. And why not use an old jug as a decanter.
    According to the info I found ca 1970.
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    thanks aj,you're really helping me about this decanter:smug::smug:
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    It is a pleasure, S Wolf.:)
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