Brass door knocker

Discussion in 'Metalware' started by Chinoiserie, Apr 2, 2024.

  1. Chinoiserie

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    I picked this up this afternoon as it is unusual. I thought it was nutcracker but Google tells me it is a door knocker. On closer inspection there doesn't seem to be any holes or any other method if fixing it to a door. This got me thinking. If it is a door knocker, did folk used to carry their own door knockers round with them to knock on other folks' doors?

    IMG20240402221905_copy_2463x3284.jpg IMG20240402221914_copy_2688x3584.jpg IMG20240402221918_copy_2850x3800.jpg IMG20240402221923_copy_2412x3216.jpg IMG20240402221929_copy_2511x3348.jpg
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  3. Chinoiserie

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    Could get messy. Try not to fire cracked nuts into eyes of poor soul answering the door.
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  4. Marote

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    That's why I have one like this one:
    No nut shrapnel flying around the room.
    Downside of these is that smaller nuts are had to crack
    So now I use one of this type:
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  5. wlwhittier

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    I buy 'em shelled...'cept pistachios.
    I need some exercise!
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  6. Any Jewelry

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    Do it all the time.
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