Can anyone help me identify this?

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  1. Tracy Rice

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    This huge urn has been in my mother’s family. Her father bought it in an auction. I’ve identified it as being from Agostinelli-Dal Pra, but cannot find anything else like it and have no idea of it’s worth. 97028623-A042-4E6D-A1FC-FB40886B1D3F.jpeg D518EFA1-7B51-49A1-9004-464B8C2BAFE9.jpeg
  2. dgbjwc

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    Agostinelli & Dal Pra in Nove, Italy is correct.

    This is not my original research but rather that of our board's dear friend Walter Del Pellegrino and his wife Karen. Walter died not too many years ago and is sorely missed.

    Established in Nove about 1883. The studio was part of the Societa Cooperativa. Domenico Agostinelli died in 1928 and the firm continued to use this mark until the 1953 when Rita Dal Pra assumed management of the firm. (See D/P mark below). This was one of Nove's finest ceramics factories. The company won numerous international awards. Examples of their ceramics are highly collectible.

    As for how to find value it is probably best evaluated by a professional appraiser who is familiar with Italian ceramics.
  3. bercrystal

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    Hello @Tracy Rice & welcome to the forum!!! :happy::happy:

    That is a beautiful piece of pottery & I will lay odds it is more stunning in person.

    As Don said above you will need to take it to someone who deals in this type of piece to get a value. We don't usually give out values here on the forum because it all depends on where you are selling the item (i.e. the internet, an auction house, an antique mall) & the location of the place it is being sold (i.e. a big city, the USA midwest, Europe, England, etc.).

    If you give us your approximate location someone might be able to steer you to some possible locations.

    I will give you a little warning before you take it anywhere though. If the person you take it to offers to buy it from you politely decline & leave quickly.

    A large reputable auction house would likely be your best bet.

    Good luck!!
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