Can anyone help with what kind of stone

Discussion in 'Art' started by Crim000, Jun 2, 2020.

  1. Crim000

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  2. Northern Lights Lodge

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    Cute little thing! Possibly white alabaster?
  3. Bronwen

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    He is cute. The calcite type of alabaster is probably the better guess, but from photos I see the possibility of marble. Not sure what to tell you about telling them apart. A knife can scratch alabaster, but some marble is not a whole lot harder.
  4. KikoBlueEyes

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    I bought a bear for a friend as a souvenir. The material was called "star marble." The smooth finish and the stark white of your piece are reminiscent of that bear.
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  5. chantaljones

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    could be marble could be alabaster group

    Up to you if you want to do this. im not responsible
    but it is a easy is a way to test marble from alabaster

    make a small fresh scratch where it doesn't come in sight and take some vinegar. Put a small drop of vinegar in the scratch. if it bubbles its marble, if not than more likely alabaster group.

    Marble contains calcium carbonate which chemically reacts with the vinegar and alabaster is calcium sulfate which doesnt react
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  6. Crim000

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    FAEC9B7D-D0E4-4806-B333-D74615D6B933.jpeg Sorry for not putting size
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  7. Bronwen

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    We review this regularly. There are 2 different stones commonly called alabaster. Wiki sorts them out:

    If Bunny is 'alabaster', think it would be of the calcite type, another form of calcium carbonate. Looks too crystalline to me for the gypsum type, which is very soft. So soft, you can see if it can be scratched with a fingernail before you subject it to acetic acid. The vinegar test may not be conclusive.
  8. Crim000

    Crim000 Active Member

    @Bronwen It does scratch but is pretty hard to scratch. I only had vinegar mixed with water and it did nothing. Under UV Light there are speckles that glow 9E779788-0F1A-4A30-AF50-786DF60B94C3.jpeg
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  9. Bronwen

    Bronwen Well-Known Member

    Is this how Bunny looks under UV to your eye? How the camera sees it? After some editing?

    Vinegar solution may not have been strong enough, or we may be barking up the wrong tree on the stone. You needed a knife to scratch it?

    I'm still inclined to marble or something related to it.
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  10. Crim000

    Crim000 Active Member

    @Bronwen No editing it is just how the camera picks it up. It is more of a green glow I believe it is picking up the brown in it it is hard to see but like the brown line on the back. Yes only the pointed end of the knife and had to push down pretty hard.
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  11. Bronwen

    Bronwen Well-Known Member

    Green?! Now I'm really puzzled. I have a display cabinet full of little carvings in an assortment of materials. In UV light, most reflect back violet at me; some things suck it up & look almost the same as they do in more mixed light; a handful of things change color, including a cowrie shell, a chrome tourmaline & a plastic button, but none of the stones looks like yours & then glows green, like uranium glass.

    @Hollyblue Do you have any ideas about this?
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  12. Crim000

    Crim000 Active Member

    @Bronwen yes like the brown line on the back of the bunny will glow a light yellow green. I’m guessing the spots not being able to be seen clearly with the eye are brown as well. Stone is semi translucent in areas
  13. Crim000

    Crim000 Active Member

    @Bronwen here is a pic under UV of that back area 3B51205B-E345-4A38-94A4-CFF5E2271C27.jpeg
  14. Bronwen

    Bronwen Well-Known Member

    Took my little UV flashlight to the display cabinet wanting to look at a particular little carving that is marble. Never noticed before: it has some bright green lines in it! Then remembered that I had dropped it once & glued the front legs back on. Spotted a similar glint of lime green on another piece & realized a malachite cameo must have been glued down to keep it in silver setting. Good news is that the green on yours just looks like a vein of something that is molecularly different from the main material & fluoresces that way, not a repaired fracture. Still hoping Holly will take a look & tell us what she sees.
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  15. Crim000

    Crim000 Active Member

    @Bronwen yes I do know for sure that it isn’t glue because all the little freckles glow and they are way inside the stone.
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