Can't stop thinking about the jiggling and wobbling!

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    1s.jpg 2s.jpg 3s.jpg 5s.jpg
    Labeled as Indian(?) dancer - foot bangles
    To wear this much gilding off there must have been an awful lot of jiggling and wobbling. They are probably old but still made the same these days and cheaply at that.
    9.5cm I.D.
    11.5cm O.D.
    40gms ea
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    They are very nice examples of traditional and genuinely worn bangles.
    I would agree with Indian, possibly Rajasthan.
    But when there is no evidence that this is the type specifically worn by dancers, I would just call them ankle bangles. Dancers usually have bells on their ankle bracelets, so any foot movement makes a sound, and dancers can emphasize that sound by stamping their feet if needed.

    Regular ankle bracelets are worn daily, and smaller bangles often at night as well. People walk through mud or abrasive desert sand wearing their ankle bracelets. That means rubbing of a plated material can show after a few years of intensive use.
    If the wearer was particularly fidgety, jiggling and wobbling could possibly be a contributing factor to wear.:pompous:
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