Carl Zeiss Fesche early 30’s gunsight scope?

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    All I can tell you is that.........I've got the exact same one! Just a few numbers between. Mine has got an scope extension and a wooden made-to-fit box it was stored in.

    The exact purpose is not known to me (it's been a year now, maybe you figured it out?) but I'm pretty sure where it came from. A ship.

    This scope was acquired from the Dutch navy somewhere back in the 80s, specifically from a maintenance division that serviced electronic and optical equipment, known as MEB and later on as MEOB. It was probably once sold/let go as a surplus item.

    I thinke it's a scope for a 7,5cm gun, best guess a front mounted gun found on some of the ships operational during the early 30s and decades after.

    Maybe your scope has seen some action back in the Dutch East Indies, mine looks as if it has been on a shelf almost forever. Naval documents in the box indicates last looked after in 1949. However the sight rubbers are deteriorating/deteriorated.
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