Featured Centennial Evacuation of NY 1883 poster?

Discussion in 'Ephemera and Photographs' started by Kerim, Feb 27, 2024.

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    Hello fellow members, I picked this up a few years ago and I just got around to it. Definitely seems like an original as it's so frail and old . I tried to open the frame up to take it out and basically a small piece came off in the right top corner . Maybe one day I should have it framed up properly with some archival backing to preserve it . My question for the pro's , what would this have been used for ? Any help would be great and really appreciated! Thanks...size is about 12"x17" 20240227_102111_copy_1868x2590_1.jpg 20240227_102124_copy_1859x3306_copy_1859x3306.jpg 20240227_102249_copy_1722x3688.jpg 20240227_102131_copy_1853x3256_copy_1853x3256.jpg 20240227_102235_copy_1868x4000.jpg 20240227_102116.jpg
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    Here's a Pinterest link:

    If you can find a large enough image, maybe you can see what it says under the image.

    I don't use Pinterest, but if you can contact the person who posted that, maybe they know. Or try contacting someone in Montgomery, NY (library or Village Museum). That's where I guess that example is.

    Idle guess is that it was published in an illustrated newspaper of the day. Maybe made available for purchase as a poster.
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    a slice of American history........nice !!!
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    Moreotherstuff, thats it!! Man you guys are good on here ! I just emailed the Museum that posted the picture for some help . Keep you posted ..
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    I think it is a vibrant original lithograph irrespective of its primary intent of publication. It is a nice find.

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    Man you guys are good on here

    The Best !!!;)
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