Charles (Chuck) Goranowski art glass vase. Sales?

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    I can find lots of information on this guy, even his obit. But so far I can't seem to find any of his glass that sold and prices. This is numbered, signed and dated 1988. it is 10 1/2" tall with a few chips on the bottom edge, but it was cheap.

    atree 23297.jpg
    atree 23301.jpg
    atree 23298.jpg
    atree 23309.jpg
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    Some of these craftsman produced beautiful work but it's not old enough or plentiful enough to have shown much activity in the secondary market yet. We have some glass artists here in the Southern Illinois/Indiana region where the same problem arises.
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    Understood Don. But this piece is 32 years old.Which makes it kind of strange than we can't find any, even on ebay.
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