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    I bought this antique Charles Greber salt glazed salt (sel) pot from France. Greber was a noted French ceramic artist who died in 1935. Apparently his Art Nouveau era pieces had geometric shapes such as this, so I’m guessing this is from around 1900. The blue diamonds caught my eye, and I hadn’t seen any other utilitarian pieces, so after looking at the online listing for a few weeks, I decided to get it.

    The bottom stamp is printed, whereas the art pottery pieces I’ve seen online have a script style stamp. Does anyone know when this mark was used?

    IMG_2864.jpeg IMG_2865.jpeg

    I was surprised at how large it is. The lid is gone. There are no chips, and the ceramic portion is in perfect condition (albeit old). There are some rust colored stains that seem to come from within, so I wonder if there was some metal content in the clay or whatever was used. It’s right next to my kitchen range.

    I love artisans who want to make everything beautiful. This is Charles Greber’s building in Beauvais, France (not my photo).

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    The lid was wooden, so it wouldn't be too terribly hard to make a new one if wanted.
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    Agreed, although it’s so large I’m using it as a planter box in the kitchen. I went to the nursery yesterday and found some 2” plants. The plant is still within a pot, so the soil isn’t touching the ceramic.

    I’m still curious as to its date. If it is Art Nouveau era it was certainly different from anything else.
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