Cheeky Monkey

Discussion in 'Art' started by JBo, Aug 18, 2020.

  1. JBo

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    Any ideas what this is made of?
    Or where it might have come from?
    I guess that it is 1950s...?

    It seems to be a yellow stone...
    As ever — TY! 9FE642EC-ACDD-4D2D-A617-89166BC03271.jpeg CE2D8DDD-3551-4F3B-B338-7C30FB726711.jpeg 109C365B-504A-4E04-B175-6DE34C3FE2CF.jpeg 6DB0B2BC-17B4-469A-B343-FD7967C25DA1.jpeg
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  4. JBo

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    Ah - much better... TY!
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