Cherub trinket box

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  1. lisaS

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    B0B8D42A-C413-49D1-9BB7-99245EA26718.jpeg F97229A7-FFA3-4F2A-8651-69DB49701D1B.jpeg F97229A7-FFA3-4F2A-8651-69DB49701D1B.jpeg F97229A7-FFA3-4F2A-8651-69DB49701D1B.jpeg 5F4B195B-11CD-46DA-B416-FB2E37A6A3F8.jpeg Hi all, does anybody know about the style of this trinket box and possibly a maker? There looks like it was signed but has come off in time I think it’s only small 8cm across. Sorry to be vague!
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  2. dgbjwc

    dgbjwc Well-Known Member

    Some type of a composite material I would think. Possibly a souvenir item? Identification will be difficult.
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  3. 2manybooks

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    It looks somewhat similar to a small ceramic trinket jar that one of my uncles brought back from Florence ("Firenze"), Italy, after WWII:
    Florentine Trinket jar 1.jpg Florentine Trinket jar 2.jpg Florentine Trinket jar 3.jpg
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  4. lisaS

    lisaS Active Member

    Thanks for your replies! Yes it does look similar doesn’t it? It’s had a few years on it, I magpied it at a charity shop……(where else) I won’t clean it as it would probably dissolve…
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