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    Looking to list this. Would like to know more about it and words to describe.
    I understand it is to much to translate, but is it a known poem/story or many different ways to say a word like longevity or wealth or happiness? I would really hate it to be a fantasy piece :nailbiting:? Any information or opinions to age and more to help send me in the right direction. I personally really like it :)

    Thanks for looking
    (Small repair in rim) 8.24”H 6”W

    Photoroom_008_20240420_214213.jpeg Photoroom_012_20240420_214213.jpeg Photoroom_007_20240420_214213.jpeg Photoroom_006_20240420_214213.jpeg Photoroom_004_20240420_214213.jpeg Photoroom_003_20240420_214213.jpeg Photoroom_001_20240420_214213.jpeg Photoroom_000_20240420_214213.jpeg Photoroom_009_20240420_214213.jpeg Photoroom_012_20240420_214213.jpeg
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    I have seen similar called "Thousand Shou" or 'One Thousand Shou' (good fortune). Not sure if that is the case here.
  3. mmarco102

    mmarco102 Well-Known Member

    Thanks laura. I sort of remembered something like that but couldn’t find the right word. So I’m off to start counting. :hilarious::hilarious::hilarious:
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  4. mmarco102

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