Chinese scroll on rice paper - assist deciphering text and any other info

Discussion in 'Art' started by News Collector, Jun 23, 2021.

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    7460635B-7B4E-4730-9D7A-CC2B479CC829.jpeg CD90954B-5B4A-4403-921F-B9746DFA84C4.jpeg Hello!

    This piece has been in my partner’s family for many many years. We are trying to learn anything we can about it, particularly what the text says and if there is any indication of an artist or… well… anything really!

    It looks like it is done on a rice paper and was likely rolled up at one time due to the impressions of where it was rolled or folded. We are thinking it appears to tell the story of the man at the bottom making his journey through life?

    Anyways, thank you in advance!!
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