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    red chinese vase 008.JPG red chinese vase 001.JPG

    This time I inserted the photos first. I am very sorry about last night.
    The upload worked with a different browser.

    Vase 7.5" High - about 2.75" wide at shoulder. I only found this shape once on the net. It was at a Chicago Antique Store, sold with no information. There are remnants of two labels. One is foil with part of a Chinese junk's sail. The other is an older red bordered glue label. I hope that one of you with knowledge of Chinese Pottery could help with some identification and period.

    Thanks, Sue
  2. Suzy60us

    Suzy60us Well-Known Member

    I just found this listing on ebay
    This vase is smaller than mine, but is the same shape.
    I think the label on mine is an importers label it has some letters.
    Do you think mine is this old?
    Thanks, Sue
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