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    I recently inherited a dining room set, hutch and side board. All this same style. The table had casters that were removed and it sits low and is a little wobbly. Before we remove the legs and put on new ones, I want to make sure it’s not a special piece. There are tags on the bottom of the chairs that say Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Registry 442. If so, I’d pay to have a professional refinished do the work. Any insight would be helpful, thanks in advance.

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    1920s traditional revival furniture. Walnut veneer and seems to be in good condition.

    Why on Earth would you replace the legs? Not a lot of value to this set but can't think it would be too hard (and cheaper) to repair.
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    I definitely want to make it work, just didn’t know if it was something I should take a stab at or let a professional do. We added bun feet to the legs to adjust the height but it’s still very wobbly. I’ve already reupholstered the seats with new batting and fabric. Just want to convince my significant other that it’s worth the effort.
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