Cookie jar or canister Crock Floral could be a bad marriage help ID

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  1. Mugzinnys

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    Eight and a half inches tall incis 16116677681765408862147035539355.jpg ed USA 75
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  2. janetpjohn

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    This was part of a big Pennsylvania Dutch line made by Shawnee, designed by Robert Heckman. Page 136-7 of Curran's book says the patents were filed in 1948, and it was also made in solid colors. It sold for $35.20 per dozen!
    They called it a cooky jar.
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  3. Mugzinnys

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    thanks jpj I will search Shawne
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  4. TallCakes

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    Thanks, TC I would be a happy lad if I was to get half of that 225.00 that one received in 2007. You guys have me reminiscing about the old eBay forum. Have you seen Tom lately the fellow from W.V. Stay Safe Love, you guys?

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