Could someone versed in chinese porcelain help me?

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    Hi guys! My husband took me to an antique store on valentines day and i ended up getting a vase because it had a cute little dragon on the side and being part chinese myself am a sucker for them. Well the owners really couldn't tell me anything about it and when i got it home and looked at it it had an etching on the bottom. After scouring the net i believe I've identified it as Qianlong. The characters are gold with a turquoise-ish background. I was wondering if anyone could confirm it for me? Or tell me if it's a recreation or forgery? I must emphasize i don't plan on selling it, it's really just to satisfy my curiosity because i know zilch in this field.

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    Hi, Quinn! I took the liberty of reposting your photographs as Full Image rather than Thumbnail so they're easier for everyone to see. You'll want to remember to do that in the future. And not to worry; all new members do the exact same thing.


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    This is a modern piece with an honorific mark - honoring the Qianlong period but not "of" the period. Have you been to the Gotheborg site?
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