Couple of pretty little cups and saucers

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    In one of the charity shops in Altrincham the prices have long been over inflated. I think the person responsible has recently retired and perhaps there is a possibility of bargains again. I picked these two up today for £1.99 each. The royal doulton one has a chip in the rim so probably not much value. I find it very attractive though so bought it. The Cauldon one is in perfect condition.

    IMG_20231202_143946_copy_1146x1529.jpg IMG_20231202_143930_copy_1189x1586.jpg IMG_20231202_143958_copy_1142x1524.jpg IMG_20231202_223122_copy_1253x1672.jpg
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    Very pretty! I especially like the lacy look of the gold design on the Doulton set.
    As a teacup collector, I'm afraid even a tiny chip is a no-go for me... well, maybe unless it's a coveted flower-handled Paragon set... which are worth a couple hundred $$$, if perfect. :)
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    Funny, that Doulton cup was exported to a high end retailer in New York and then found it's way back to Britain! I like the Cauldon duo very much with that handle and Greek key design. After 1891 but likely before 1921 (purportedly when "Made in..." was required).
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