Cranberry/Ruby Stained Lamp

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  1. laura9797

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    Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday. Does anyone recognize this lamp? I keep thinking Indiana Glass Monticello Pattern but I don't think this is by Indiana. Color is stained not flashed. I guess it could be Bohemian. Approx. height 16.5". Thoughts? IMG_3472.JPEG IMG_3473.JPEG IMG_3475.JPEG IMG_3476.JPEG diamond point pressed pattern. Approx. height 16.5".
  2. lvetterli

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    OOooh! I know zilch but I likeee!

  3. dgbjwc

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    I think you are right that it's not Indiana. The diamonds look sharper and more numerous than I would expect on Indiana. The top on Monticello is plainer, as I remember, without the larger diamonds. The glass appears slightly thinner than Indiana and more delicate. Very lovely. I would also suspect Bohemian.
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