Crystal & Base Metal (Spelter?) Oil Lamp; Flat-Ground Panels

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    This may have been my maternal Grandmother's; they lit with oil deep into the 1950's, an' she had literally dozens of them, some brought from the Netherlands in 1924.

    The cast-metal base is six-sided an' unmarked, as far as I can see. It feels an' sounds harder than spelter; more like aluminum...but the lamp seems too old for cast-aluminum...I dunno, an' don't know how to differentiate between them. The font has 13 ground an' polished facets on what may be better than glass...but again, I am clueless about the difference between crystal & glass. It is un-reactive to UV. There is one 5/16 by 1/8 inch bubble on the cusp of two adjacent panels, if that may be useful. It's fitted with what looks like a #2 threaded brass burner ring, which I believe may be a replacement because of the plaster remnants in the threads, as well as its slightly uneven position on the font an' excess plaster inside, beneath it.

    It s 8 3/4" high, ~5 1/4" diameter at the font shoulder; the base is ~5 3/8" high, 4 1/2" across the hex flats. It weighs 26 3/4 oz.

    Any recognition of nation of origin, maker, pattern or age will be most welcome, an' all your comments are deeply appreciated.
    Thanks for lookin'!

    E3C28E38-C30B-4472-BA71-8D8E63BAA36A_1_201_a.jpeg 11E3A679-BAD9-4EB3-9058-935B03CB29FF_1_201_a.jpeg 35A779A3-2C55-4AB9-B52E-67F4D93C0A02_1_201_a.jpeg B8565E0F-4F91-45D7-B7A9-86FF9996F748_1_201_a.jpeg 54959F47-50EC-4D15-93EA-3C5958CAE488_1_201_a.jpeg 2EDD9952-E2ED-4775-90AF-54B16FFC25B7_1_201_a.jpeg 37E5F581-E54F-43D6-B154-804F625D4864_1_201_a.jpeg 87221C69-26D3-43EE-874C-1B0C2CF0DF48_1_201_a.jpeg
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