Crystal owl piece - engraved? Anyone recognize the signature?

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  1. UncleChuckTX

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    I'm confused on my glass terms with this piece. Is it cut, engraved, wheel cut, wheel engraved...?

    It's a small standing figurine or paperweight, about 3" tall. There is a tiny signature on one side near the bottom. When I first saw it, I thought it might be Val St. Lambert. But now that I have close-up pics, I'm still unsure.

    The crystal seems fairly nice quality, and I'm impressed with the artwork. You can't really see in the pictures, but there is even a line of faint wispy clouds around the moon. Anyone have any guesses?

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  2. Cherryhill

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    Its engraved, a subset of cut. It's done by pressing the glass against a revolving disc, sometimes that disc is an abrasive stone, sometimes it is a copper disc with an abrasive powder in water flowing over the glass. Other types of engraving are done with a tiny chisel or a vibrating metal point.
    In this instance, the eyes are 'bright', they'be been polished, the rest is gray, the natural effect of engraving or cutting.
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  4. UncleChuckTX

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    Thanks Tom. I appreciate the info.

    Thank you! I'd never heard of Steinbach before. I found an animal-themed series this piece may belong with.
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