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  1. Deng

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    Hello :)

    Delphin Massier vase? I had no idea of the manufacturer until I did a few searches online, and it seems values vary considerably. Can anyone tell me, if it's fake- if I have a bargain or is it only worth the pennies I paid for it? :) copy 1.jpg copy 2.jpg copy 3.jpg copy 4.jpg copy 5.jpg copy 6.jpg

    Thank you - appreciated!
  2. Fid

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    no fake. practically no fakes of the Massiers items around.
    VERY complicated family connections - two brothers and a cousin and lateron two daughters etc..
    most successful on different expos was Clément with his metal luster glazes; he was also the most innovative and searching for new mixtures and the most expensive due to the won prizes.
    this here seems to be a simple terre cuite (terracotta) for little money.
    A.M stands for Alpes-Maritime, the departement where Vallauris lies.
    Picasso was there working with ceramics after the war 1946 till the 70s and stimulated the tourism.
  3. Deng

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    Thank you so much for this info, really appreciated :)
  4. Fid

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    very welcome. see you.
  5. mmarco102

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    Here is a Clement Massier I posted on antiqures a while back

    DSCN0729.jpg DSCN0738.jpg CMfrog6.jpeg
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  6. Fid

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    not lustreware or other technique that brings big money. rather mass-produced tourist item. might be from the era when they changed - or added - another production place nearer the tourist beaches with the then main road on the coast line.
    if they call us frogs then we sell them frogs...

    here one that has even another more complicated technige :
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