Dilemma with gold service pins!

Discussion in 'Jewelry' started by spartcom5, Sep 24, 2017.

  1. spartcom5

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    Found these at a garage sale all for $35. Dilemma here is that most of them are mounted on another piece of jewelry. The only one not mounted is marked 10k so I suspect the others might be as well. In the plastic box there is a tag that says 10k Emblems. They are mounted on gold filled pieces, which are indeed original as they are marked cTo. With that said however, the one on the belt buckle looks gold filled to me. So now I am curious to find out which are and aren't 10k gold. What would you all do? I would like to take them off cleanly, no damage to anything. The stones were tested and are all real rubies, emeralds, citrine, and diamonds. I was thinking acetone? But I am afraid the gold filled or the stones would be damaged....... Any input on this?
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    Do you have any idea what they were mounted with?
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    Some are soldered, some are glued. They usually sell above scrap as the phone system memorabilia they are.
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