Does anyone know anything about this keyboard?

Discussion in 'Antique Discussion' started by BrotusY, Nov 18, 2022.

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    Hey everyone, I recently bought a lot of some old NMB keyboards with hopes of reselling them. I noticed that I could not find any of these keyboards for sale literally anywhere so it seemed like a great investment. They have built-in speakers with a surround sound selector (which are surprisingly good) and a built-in mic as well. I have no idea what year the keyboards are from, nor do I know where they were sold at, or for how long!

    I would appreciate any info on them if anyone knows anything.


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  2. Aquitaine

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    I would think, somewhere in VERY fine print, it should say on the box where it was made??? I've never seen anything like it either!:rolleyes:
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    Well, you know they were made when Windows 95 was popular. A new in box rt-9100win sold for $400 on ebay last year according to worthpoint.

    Something from a google search:

    Keyboard manufacturer NMB Technologies’ new multimedia keyboard, the Right Touch ConcertMaster, features enhanced stereo sound by SRS to create a 3-D stereo effect.

    The ConcerMaster, model number RT-9100WIN, includes three new keys optimized for using Windows 95. In addition to SRS sound, the keyboard includes a stereo speaker system with a 2-watt per channel amplifier, a built-in microphone, and side jacks for headphone, microphone and subwoofer. A power slide switch allows users to turn on the speakers or internal microphone without affecting the keyboard’s functionality.

    NMB says the ConcertMaster is compatible with DOS, Windows 3.X and Windows 95, and has received approval from both Microsoft’s Compatibility Labs and to use Creative Labs’ Sound Blaster compatibility logo.

    NMB says the ConcertMaster keyboard will be available for the 1995 holiday season, with a street price estimated to be $129.95.
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    My goodness! Is there ANYONE out there still running on Windows 95?
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    I have a computer that runs on Windows 95. It's no good for the internet anymore (a dial up modem that still works and I occasionally use), but other than that, I wouldn't need any more by way of a computer. One of these keyboards might actually prove handy.
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