Does anyone recognize this surrealist artists?

Discussion in 'Art' started by SUPERJUNK1970, Apr 19, 2021.

  1. SUPERJUNK1970

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    20210419_063413-ccfopt.jpg 20210419_063420-ccfopt.jpg 20210419_063437-ccfopt.jpg It's on thick cardboard like paper.
    Medium is gouache painting.
    Obviously is a personal gift to someone from artist.
    It is not dated but only gives first name Dan.
    I remember seeing this type of art before, it is surrealism but when it has this type of ghostly characters its called something else. But I dont remember the name. Hopefully someone recognizes the art or the artist.
  2. SUPERJUNK1970

    SUPERJUNK1970 Member

    Or maybe this two with no name.
    I personally like the one with birdman. 20210419_073702-ccfopt.jpg 20210419_073710-ccfopt.jpg 20210419_073723-ccfopt.jpg 20210419_073740-ccfopt.jpg
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    I like, it is just kind of weird. I would think not to old, making a big deal about turning 21 is more of a recent thing?
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  4. verybrad

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    Think this is more outsider art than surrealism. There has kind of been a trend of late for trained/student artists working in the outsider art style so don't know if it makes it true outsider art or not.
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