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    white rocks 1.JPG white rocks 2.JPG white rocks 3.JPG white rocks 5.JPG white rocks 4.jpg

    Good evening, I hope all is well and I hope you can please help me. I recently acquired the item in the attached pictures and it has the name Dorothea sharp on the
    bottom. Looking online I can see that some of her works are collectors items, however I’m not sure if it’s real or a copy / replica. It’s framed in glass and I know it’s old as it’s from my grandmothers and has the title ‘white rocks' on the back ’. can anyone give me some advise on how I can check if it’s real and I can take a look so see if is an original

    Thanks for your time and I appreciate your help
    Many thanks
  2. Houseful

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    Have you got a magnifying glass or jewellers loupe? If you look closely and see tiny coloured dots then it’s a print. An original painting wouldn’t have these dots. I can see the texture of canvas in your pictures, usually oil paintings are painted on canvas and it’s usually not presented under glass so I think it’s likely a print but you need to check to be certain.
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  3. komokwa

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    canvas under flag there..!
    i think a print , also...
    just decorative..
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  4. blooey

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    When you see titles clipped and pasted on the reverse, it's almost always cut from the bottom of the print and put there by the framer. Love Dorothea Sharp's style BTW, always wanted one!
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  5. antidiem

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    Good point about the title clipping. I hadn't seen her work before. This piece is beautifully and sensitively painted. If it's a print, I still think it will sell well. The frame looks attractive too.
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