Dutch Bonsai??

Discussion in 'Tools' started by DivasFinds, Feb 18, 2019.

  1. DivasFinds

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    Having a hard time with ID of this funky "Dutch" garden rake, shovel mini set. I did sort of ID the plastic dutch receptacle, it has JSNY Hong Kong on bottom & I've seen other vintage plastic ware from this brand on Ebay....as well as the little shovel, takes,spade sets (sans container).....just confused as to whether these pieces actually go together and what they are for (dolls, kids ??) Any insight is appreciated! 20190217_211405-756x1008.jpg 20190217_211415-756x1008.jpg
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    oww...those are nice......
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  4. judy

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    Indoor gardening?

    I've seen said sets for sale in garden centers.

    Not the one shown above, but similar.
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  5. DivasFinds

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    It's kind of hard to tell in the pic, but the receptacle has a little spout w/holes in it like a watering can, so maybe they do go together (but weird!) I'm thinking about sticking it on ebay and seeing what happens. The most obscure crap tends to sell....
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