E O Richter silver drafting set

Discussion in 'Tools' started by idontknowanyofthis, Aug 19, 2015.

  1. idontknowanyofthis

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    I have this awesome set of different E.O. Richter&Co. drafting tools which I'm trying to survey and get the idea of how much it could be worth. It got to me through my grandfather who got it I believe in 70s-80s. The tools seem to be in a mint condition, but I'm afraid I might be missing ratchet or two for differenet line types. Here are the pictures (sorry for the 10 year old picture quality):


    Feel free to ask any detailed pictures and thank you for reviewing and giving me any hints about this set.
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  2. afantiques

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    Does the upper tray lift out revealing rules and protractors in the lower compartment. Is there a lower compartment at all?
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  4. Bev aka thelmasstuff

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    Wouldn't this be considered a drafting set, not a drawing set?
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  5. idontknowanyofthis

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    Nah, i believe you paint on canvas with those?

    Yes, you're right. Not my mother tongue so I didn't come up with the right word, thanks. :)
  6. idontknowanyofthis

    idontknowanyofthis New Member

    Hi. No, there is no lower compartment.
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