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Discussion in 'Pottery, Glass, and Porcelain' started by cxgirl, Jul 12, 2014.

  1. cxgirl

    cxgirl Well-Known Member

    Trying to id this piece - would it be McKee Cane pattern? Is this a butter or cheese dish? The base plate is 8 5/16" wide, the dome is 5 3/4" across the opening x 5 1/4" in height.

    Any info appreciated.
    DSC06100.jpg DSC06094.jpg DSC06088.jpg
  2. TallCakes

    TallCakes Well-Known Member

    could be McKee's cane pattern that was named 'Hobnail'. There were many cane pattern glass maker back in the day who made very similar patterns. The pieces that seen contributed to McKee all seem to show the pattern rotated 45 degrees so that the button/hobs are aligned vertically.
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  3. janettekay

    janettekay Well-Known Member

    I think this would be considered a covered butter dish...in my opinion . I have had both a cheese set and butter set (in ABCG) in the past..and I remember researching them and somewhere found info re: sizes (I am sorry, but can't locate that source now) ...Also, many sources use the terms interchangeably..adding to the confusion.
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  4. cxgirl

    cxgirl Well-Known Member

    Thanks tall cakes, I'll see what I can find under hobnail. Dori confirmed this as McKee 1910 and not cane. I found a punchbowl in this pattern but they didn't have any information on it.
    Thanks Janet! Yes it can be confusing I thought butter dish but when researching, as you found, both are used so I wasn't sure.
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  5. TallCakes

    TallCakes Well-Known Member

    it is a 'cane' pattern; it's just that McKee's name for theirs was 'Hobnail'. I've even seen it listed as Daisy & Button, which it clearly is not.
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  6. Cherryhill

    Cherryhill Well-Known Member

    For what little it's worth, what we now call Daisy & Button was originally called Hobnail, or Diamond Hobnail, or other variations on Hobnail. We're at the mercy of people who wrote books without the advantage of original research.

    A "Hobnail" was a nail whose head instead of being flat, was hammered to be sort of hemispherical, with flat spots all over it.
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  7. Pat P

    Pat P Well-Known Member

    I guess this pattern then is Daisy & Button without the Daisy?

    I have a large collection of D&B that was my mother's, and didn't know that it was originally called Hobnail or a variation. Thanks for that info!
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  8. EAPG

    EAPG New Member

    Found this old post in my bookmarks but don't see a post by me that says "Dori confirmed this as McKee 1910 and not cane." I don't know where i got that. Tom describes a hobnail and mentions that's an OMN for Daisy and Button; however, it is also the OMN for McKee's Hobnail aka Cane pattern has sunken buttons. I have 364 butter bases, the common size is around 5-1/2 to around 6-3/4, the largest is Sunrise at 7-1/4 so yours is a cheese. Note that the buttons don't protrude on the sides of this pattern and that it differs in the arrangement of the canes and narrow panels. Pat Parker: No, this is not Daisy & Button without the Daisy. because for one thing, has sunken buttons and has the horizontal and vertical strips that contain the buttons. Hobnail CANE WATER SET W  WASTE BOWL.jpg
  9. cxgirl

    cxgirl Well-Known Member

    Thanks for bumping this thread Dori. Sorry, I thought I had updated it.
    The EAPG Society gave me this information - McKee Hob Nail by National Glass 1901.
    Dori you responded to the post on the ebay board.
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  10. EAPG

    EAPG New Member

    As I said, it was in my old bookmarks and I had no idea there's an eBay connection with this forum. Who at EAPGS gave you that info?
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  11. gregsglass

    gregsglass Well-Known Member

    Hi DoRi,
    I am glad you found this board. There is no connection to ebay with this board. In fact most of this boards members where at one time on the ebay antiques board but have left or been banned from ebay. Some people still cross post but there are NO trolls here or people who belittle anyone. Welcome.
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  12. EAPG

    EAPG New Member

    Hi, Greg ~ Nice to see you, and thanks. Is being banned from eBay a badge of honor now? I go to PGP on occasion but they just can't seem to do it right and those huge pictures make me glad I'm not on dial-up. I'm questioning the source on Hobnail because my info is different, and just because someone belongs to a group doesn't mean they're correct.
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  13. cxgirl

    cxgirl Well-Known Member

    @EAPG Dori I think you belong to the group - Early American Pattern Glass Society on Facebook
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  14. EAPG

    EAPG New Member

    No, I don't belong to the EAPGS Facebook site.
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  15. EAPG

    EAPG New Member

    Mary ~ I was searching for Cane pieces and this came up. It's a cheese dish, the butter has fans around the edge. This is not McKee or Gillinder Hobnail aka Cane. I tried to sharpen the pic but it isn't working. The pattern IS identifiable.
  16. TallCakes

    TallCakes Well-Known Member

    Valkyrie come to mind when you mention the addition of fans; but the finial doesn't match from the crushed fruit cover in the 1901 catalog, as it shows a spherical finial.
  17. Marie Forjan

    Marie Forjan Well-Known Member

    Waving hi to DoRi :cat:
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