Early 20th Century Fireplace Cover

Discussion in 'Antique Discussion' started by D Wallace, Mar 6, 2021.

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    torch and thistle.JPG Hi everyone. I saw this forum and thought someone might be able to help. I am purchasing a house built around 1910. The fireplace is covered with a metal ornate cover. The design stamped into the cover is a torch with what appears to be thistles on each side of the torch. I have a photo and have uploaded for you to see. Can anyone shed some light on this design?
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    I don't see thistles. It appears to be an interpretation of a classical motif. Torch with foliate wreath. You can find other examples with a Google Images search. Here's one from the Cooper Hewitt. 1905-1915.


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    Thank you. That's what I needed know.
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    Defintely a Neo-classical design. The two flanking palmate designs are Greek anthemion and the hanging garlands are bell flowers. And you've got some acanthus leaves thrown in there for good measure. So iconic! I have a similar burnished pressed metal cover in the Egyptian Revival style. It's hanging on the wall in my bathroom!
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