Edwardian(?) lamp shade with microwave dishes on it !!

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    Ok. It hasn't got microwave dishes on it but I had to suck you in somehow but you must admit they do look like microwave dishes. Couldn't resist buying this recently at auction but can't quite figure out how it hung up and what it shaded. There was a tiny bit of candle wax on one of the feet so I'm thinking candles although I not sure how you would get them in as nothing seems to be missing. Actually I'm not sure it's the right way up despite the loops on the inside top edge. There are no makers marks although the curly feet are impressed with “fleur de lis” so I'm thinking French origin and possibly older than Edwardian. Think it was completely gilded at some stage and the red paint left I think is red lead paint. Does anyone have a picture of a square one of these in action? I'd love to see it. Any thoughts on age?



    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg
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    Could also have been a hanging light/lantern similar to the one on the far right of top row on the following website. If so it is missing supports, etc, from the top. This is just another idea that probably is wrong for most of these hanging light shades had stain glass.



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    For educational purposes only from the Carter's Price Guide to Antiques website:

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    nice photo's !
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