Egyptian Pieces

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    Hi All,
    Anything good here?

    Thanks in advance for replies!

    438221318_951881953401890_6311255606183115366_n (1).jpg 434989988_815194020655455_7608022420264016864_n.jpg 434906003_3622529171393827_8302440628828665331_n.jpg 438196216_461645906298385_5983725214214700592_n.jpg 437947255_449328764337306_3649925327684081297_n.jpg 437882043_746693887336511_8648528633096044854_n.jpg
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    I can see quite a few telltale resin bubble holes. Quick check for resin is check what is its temperature.
    If it’s room temperature when you hold it then likely resin, if it’s stone then it will be colder.
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    Look up Basalt stone which is used quite a bit for these type of carvings.
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    They look like Museum gift shop items.
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    Widely sold as tourist pieces in Egypt, I’ve got some. Some resin,some stone, some pottery.
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    The figures are copies of well-known sculptures.

    The bust of Nefertiti, held in the State Museum of Berlin -

    The funeral mask of Tutankhamun -

    The third is probably one of the many sculptures of Rameses II.
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