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    76180588-0E17-47AE-8635-410A53616808.png Form my understanding this is a 19th century empire table. The top panel of the table lifts up for storage inside. I purchased it for $140 from a dealer who was clearing their house out and wanted to pretty much just give it a good home, what is the potential value on this? I do not plan on selling but always like to know potential selling value Incase there is another piece in mind I have done my research and found similar tables, but none with the detailed pedastool such as this or the side detail.

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    Gorgeous table,love the size. If I remember correctly,during the victorian era it was popular to "gussie up" plainer older furniture by carving it. Maybe thats what happened here.Cant see the carving clearly,could you take a close up ?
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    This is another image I have it before cleaning it up. 9EDB0B93-F51C-42EC-8CA6-9927CA5A0072.jpeg
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    Federal style card table. Can't tell if it is a period example or not. That edge detailing makes me think not.
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