English Porcelain Bowls with Chinese Blue & White Pattern

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  1. Ratsy Brown

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    I have just bought this set of porcelain bowls. I think they are English, or possibly European, with a Chinese basket of flowers pattern.

    Its a long shot to try and find a maker but i always like to get some input before i list something.

    10.25”/26cm rim diameter

    Thank you

    955F29F2-E224-4455-B239-E362D1E36B46.jpeg 3987C5B4-5988-486D-9906-3077EACC08CF.jpeg 99C5D8A2-6519-47A2-9D91-9F7A3876E0DF.jpeg 034E3C26-1110-4BFC-9567-5696748F1E70.jpeg
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  2. Ownedbybear

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    I'd agree on English, Staffordshire made early to mid 19th. Bit shallow for bowls, might be underplates.
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