Etched cranberry glasses and decanter

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  1. Leigh Pritchard

    Leigh Pritchard New Member

    When my mom was alive she was given this set of cranberry glasses. She was told they were this person's mother's who was quite old when she gave them to my mom. Of course this is just from the elderly lady to my mom. We dont know much more about them. We have 30 different size glasses and one decanter with the glass stopper. I have added a picture but it is only the top part. I cant find any markings on any of them. Any help to find out what exactly I have would be great. 20210121_121347.jpg
  2. Marie Forjan

    Marie Forjan Well-Known Member

    Welcome! I can't ID them for you but I believe they are clear glasses with most likely a cranberry stain on the bowl. They were then cut so the design is clear. They are not etched, the design is frosted because the cuts were left unpolished.

    Can you post a clear photo of each shape glass showing the whole shape, also the decanter. Seeing those extra photos may help glassies here help you.

    They are lovely and it sounds like you have a large set. Use and enjoy them :)
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  3. Leigh Pritchard

    Leigh Pritchard New Member

    Thank you for the welcome. My mom has so many antiques, but these are beautiful. They are on display on our bar. No one uses them because they seem so fragile.
    I took a few more photos of the glasses. This time I managed to take one of all the different sizes and the decanter. 20210121_131323.jpg 20210121_131512.jpg
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