Extra Large Original Oil on Canvas Birch Trees and Forrest Scenery "Breath Taking"

Discussion in 'Art' started by CHSH, Feb 23, 2021 at 7:53 PM.

  1. CHSH

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    How do I even start to evaluate the value. Date painted. I'm intrigued by the fact that there looks to be a signature on the left bottom as well.

    Sold Oak Framed Original Oil Painting on Canvas by Constance B Huffman. Pictures as found.

    27 1/2 W by 51 - 1/2 L by 2 inch Oak frame.

    Pink and yellow wild flowers and blooming trees.
    Note was found on the back.

    Looks like the back was removed but doesn't make sense. I found Constance Huffman Willow California. 1909 - 1988.

    Valuation - where to auction? What would the cost for something like this to ship? Great shape for age. 'Nailed' canvas and framed solid oak. Thank you in advance for your time. Stay Safe. Stay well. God bless. backwriting.JPG bottomright.JPG closeup.JPG closeup.JPG flowerorange.JPG leftbottomphoto.JPG nailframedoak.JPG nailframedoakfull.JPG pinkandyellowflowerssig.JPG topleft.JPG fullpic.JPG
  2. CHSH

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    left bottom signature...CC and SK. and? Close up. Do you see what I see. :) Mystery famous artist signature for the experts. Gift to Mrs Huffman? leftsignature.JPG
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    Amateur work. Think you're going to have trouble finding a market for your piece. And doubt many would be willing to invest in cost of shipping. It might help a bit if you could identify lake. You might start by asking the county historical society. (I'm assuming artist the Constance B. Huffman from Willows; couldn't find anyone else by that name.)



    Screen Shot 2021-02-23 at 5.47.56 PM.png
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  4. CHSH

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    That is what I found. Why is there a signature on the left bottom too. Inquiring minds want to know. Short history hobby info.
  5. Debora

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    It would be helpful if you posted a good quality close-up photograph of the signature on the left side at bottom.

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