Faenza pottery-need help identifying

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by nmhamel, May 25, 2020.

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    20200525_084134_compress2.jpg 20200525_084206_compress22.jpg 20200525_084210_compress72.jpg 20200525_084134_compress2.jpg 20200525_084134_compress2.jpg 20200525_084206_compress22.jpg 20200525_084210_compress72.jpg Any help would be appreciated. Is it worth anything? Measures 18x6 inches
    20200525_084134_compress2.jpg 20200525_084206_compress22.jpg 20200525_084210_compress72.jpg
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    Hi and WELCOME @nmhamel to ANTIQUERS!!!! If you could go back in to your post by clicking on 'Edit', then click on the very FIRST image that says "INSERT EVERY IMAGE AS A FULL IMAGE"......they will all post full size....it helps immensely to see them all that way!!! Thanks so much!! Also, could you give dimensions of your piece....that also would help!!
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    This information is from "Italian Pottery Marks Faenza The City of Ceramics" by Walter and Karen Del Pellegrino. Your mark would appear to be similar to the first or last mark on page two.

    Walter is no longer with us to answer questions but he had cautioned that some pottery and marks were being copied in China. I'm sorry I can't tell you if that applies to your piece but it's something to keep in mind when researching.




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    Glad to know you have the book SIS.
    I wanted to reference Walter, but wasn't sure how to respectfully do so, thus my curt "Italian"
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    Looks Chinese to me
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    The ladies meet the conventions for representations of sirens.
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