Filled Cast Iron figures

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    Hi, I have two little penguin figures. A magnet sticks to them, so I think they are cast iron but there are a couple of areas where the top coat has chipped away and there is a brown filling. I'm not sure if it's cement or clay but the magnet sticks there, too. They are heavy, 5.5" tall and have a hole on the bottom. What were they used for? How old are they? The tails have broken off both of them, exposing metal. I don't see any marks on them. Any thoughts? Thank you!

    2penguinsa.JPG 2penguinsc.JPG 2penguinse.JPG
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  2. Rayo56

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    Probably cast iron with a coating applied to it then painted black - the brownish areas may be a primer material applied over the cast iron for the paint to stick too. Most likely made from the cheaper "Gray Cast Iron" which is actually brittle and does break easily when hit, accounting for the broken tails. They are probably also hollow as the hole in the foot was to get the sand from the core out of the casting. The sandcore was placed into the mold before the iron was poured into it creating the hollow casting.
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    Thank you.
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    Very cute, New England, and nice stylisation.
    Maybe not exactly the same, but my guess is that they are of the same period as those bookends.
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    Thank you, AJ and Boland!
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