Fisherman Studio Pottery

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  1. F&C

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    well made pottery fisherman I wondering if it was made by anyone renowned $_57 (100).jpg $_57 (99).jpg $_57 - 2021-05-17T232030.138.jpg $_57 - 2021-05-17T232035.707.jpg $_57 (97).jpg
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  2. kentworld

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  3. Fid

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    from the costume it's Naples.
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  4. F&C

    F&C Active Member

    I dont know all I can do is type it into google search there are a few similar ones, it's very hand made but well made like what you might call studio pottery
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  5. Fid

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  6. John Brassey

    John Brassey Well-Known Member

    Nice quality. Many of these are from Northern France as well as Italy. Try searching “ Pecheur Terre Cuite”or “pescatore in terracotta” some are valuable.
  7. F&C

    F&C Active Member

    thanks, I love he's made to be walking on water
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