Floral Limoges Lamp: So Many Questions!

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    Hello all!
    I purchased this little table lamp this morning with the purpose of stretching my vintage knowledge and eventual resale. I first thought it was a vase turned lamp, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

    It is stamped Limoges but the mark does not turn up results and on Infofaience they have it listed as *unknown*. It also reads Isabelle Granger 1977, which I thought was put there via marker after the makers mark, but upon closer inspection the letters are the same color as the flowers! I'm now rather confused. I thought it was a vase turned lamp by Isabelle who marked her work, but its now a lamp painted by Isabelle in 77? Does this mean the lamp is also dated to that year (ie she was one of the artists there) or is this done on an older piece?

    The paint is not on top of the glaze, unless it was reglazed, if that's even a thing haha.


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    I believe it is a plain white "blank" lamp painted and assembled by an amateur named Isabelle Granger in 1977. I don't believe it was ever a vase. The lamp base may have been new when the painting was done.
    Hobbyists often painted white "blanks" and then had them fired. My mother used to do it back in the 1970s/80s, there was a ceramics store in our area that offered classes.
    It's a pity that poor Isabelle wasn't gifted with a bit more artistic talent!
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  3. RachelW

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    Right so I was half right at least. So this would have been a 70s blank lamp painted by Isabelle in 77. Interesting! I was thinking someone had an old vase but clearly both the neck and bottom indicate it was never such a thing haha. Thank you very much!
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