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Discussion in 'Art' started by Robert Welles, Sep 30, 2023.

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    We're sure someone thought this was worth investing in - it was professionally framed at A.L.Lowe in New Orleans in 1995 - acid free is stamped on the back. Auctions show prices considerably more than the $10 we paid for it. The paper is very white, not at all what I would expect from a 200-ish year old print. Any way to determine its authenticity? Value? Thanks for looking.
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    From the description of a different etching from the same series:

    ROMAN ANTIQUITIES A nice view taken from the Antichità Romane, set of 101 plates, realized with the proceeds of the sale of the plates used for Raccolta di cinquanta principali vedute di antichità tratte dai scavi fatti in Roma in questi ultimi tempi […], published in 1817. This is the work with which the artist wanted to become one of the most important artists in the Roman cultural life; we can state that if we consider the size of the work and the subject he choose. In this work Rossini tested himself with his predecessor, G. B. Piranesi, who was considered as a point of reference when it came to ancient views and originality. Rossini, was deeply influenced by Piranesi, as it can be seen in the title, the legends, the same points of views and framing. Another important element he took from Piranesi is the use of light and the contrast of chiaroscuro. In these plates Rossini reached the higher mastery of the technique, realizing also extremely particular framings and a new and complex organization of the space. In the plates quite common is the diagonal view of the subject, which gave him the possibility to elaborate more the chiaroscuro. The will to give life to his views, the reinstatement of the monuments to their historic context and the fact that he was not good with figures, brought Rossini to start a partnership with Bartolomeo Pinelli, Roman engraver and costume illustrator of daily life. He was the one who realized the figures of Rossini’s views. Sometimes Pinelli took the subjects from his previous collection Costumi pittoreschi romani. Etching, printed on contemporary paper, in very good condition. Luigi Rossini incisore. Vedute di roma 1817 - 1850, catalogo della mostra a cura di L. Gavazzi, M. E. Tottoni, Roma Palazzo Braschi, 7 aprile - 15 luglio 1982. Roma


    My understanding is that a collection of this magnitude would have been published over a period of years.
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    nice find....... donated by someones children........ sad
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    Beautiful piece & yes-probably cast aside by some (clueless) heir.
    The staff gleaners at Good Will missed this treasure with their drag hooks-YES !
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    Really beautiful etching. I'd pop it open immediately to inspect it, but I know how to put it back easily. You can open it up and then take it to a framer to close back up.
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