From somewhere out East ... Modern or no?

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    IMG_20220927_182758.jpg IMG_20220927_182811.jpg IMG_20220927_182551.jpg

    Here is one for all you Oriental buffs.

    I bought this at a brocante in Poitiers France.

    I have no idea why except that I think it looks and feels fabulous to the touch.

    I think the texture is called crank. It is possibly quite new - but then again there is a little bit of age wear to the base.

    Also the three glazed dots in the matt circle might be a modern take on an old technique - putting the pot on it's side in the kiln then placing a tripod on top in order to place another pot on top of that - saving space.

    Can anyone tell me what the chop says on the base? Is it Chinese? And is the pot for saki?

    Height 4"/10cm diameter 3.5"/9cm
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  2. evelyb30

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    Sake bottle shape, but that's as far as I get.
  3. Lacto

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    I think this a tokkuri ... what do you think
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