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    • i have bought this black glass vase at least a half dozen times because it always sells! it looks like a deco george sakier piece for fostoria but it is not - its large - a foot tall and 7 1/2 wide - does anyone know who made it? i am pretty certain it is vintage and at least from the 1980's or before and not from china...
    BLACK.jpg BLACK2.jpg BLACK3.jpg BLACK4.jpg
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  3. Lark

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    It would be beautiful with Iris
  4. Rclinftl

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    thank you
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    Something is rattling around in the back of my brain about this vase. I've sold it in the past in that cranberry color that Pilgrim was so famous for. However, I think it was a smaller size. I also kind of remember that Pilgrim bought the mold from someone else. Or that someone bought it from Pilgrim in 1991 when they went OOB. Can't remember and it's annoying. It always sold for me too.
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    Not Chinese ? Quite a feat.
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    I would have walked right by that. Learning so much.
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