Georgian swan neck furniture handles

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  1. Hi. Can anyone explain how to date swan neck handles? I have a few Georgian chest of draws and would love to know if the handles are original to the piece.

    Many thanks
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    PICTURES, Please!!!! WE LIVE by Pictures!!!!!!!!!:):) Besides, it's the BEST way for US to try to help YOU.....IF we can actually SEE what you're talking about!!! Thank you!!:):):):happy:

    OOOOPS, nearly forgot!! WELCOME to ANTIQUERS!!! And if having trouble getting pictures loaded, JUST ASK!!!
  3. Not sure if this image is any good but it's probably the best I'm going to be able to provide. The two plates have a nice decorative border.
  4. Many tanks Aquitane
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    Would love to see pics of the piece. These have been made (and remade) for centuries; these in particular look new(er). @James Conrad
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  7. Many thanks

    I was imagining that this fold over table was Georgian with a drawer added later maybe by the Victorians? What date the table you think?
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    Indeed they have. No way to date from the photographs alone but yours do look newer.
    I think that is called "barber pole", a quick look at Optimum Brass in UK who make period correct brasses brought this one up.

  9. Thank you James. I would imagine that a great deal of Georgian furniture have these replacements.
  10. I have many of theses types of handle on a few Georgian period items. All of these handles have different patina and slightly different styles. So is there a way to tell original from later?
  11. James Conrad

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    You have to look at the totality of the piece to determine if the hardware is original, looking at a photo of the hardware alone doesn't tell you much.
    Is the piece itself period
    Is the hardware style consistent with the style of the piece
    Are there any witness marks indicating different pulls
    Any other hardware, hinges for example
    Bla Bla Bla
    Generally speaking, original hardware is somewhat rare as it is the easiest way to "update" fashion in furniture so, it is often replaced.
  12. Many thanks. Yes I looked at some of the others that I have in situ and many have deep coverings of wax and bruising so may be contemporary or older replacements. On one of my items you can see where this type of handle has been replaced by round wooden handles of the Victorian era. It's an interesting study I think
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