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  1. Sarajayne

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    I have about 2 dozen of Armani Figures. I have had them for about 20 years, most of them in original box. On Ebay I have kept watching them for several years and the prices of sold ones fluctuates terribly. Is there a way I can tell when they were made? Each one of mine is different, no two alike. ArmaniDoves.jpg

    ArmaniSurprise.jpg ArmaniDog.jpg ArmaniDorothy.jpg ArmaniDoves.jpg
  2. Walter Del Pellegrino

    Walter Del Pellegrino Well-Known Member

    There are a number of sources on the internet. Simply type the terms "Armani"
    and "Porcelain" to see a number of resources. The best route to learning about Armani figurines is to join the official club: http://www.florence-sculptures.it

    The following sentences might upset some collectors and I understand that completely but the following articles I wrote for my Italian Pottery Forum are based on more than four decades of collecting. The variation in prices is due to the fact that collecting these modern pieces is a relatively new field and, in fact, the art market is still trying to determine if these figurines are truly artistic works of art that will hold their value for one hundred years or more. You won't, for example, find an Armani, Cappe or Borsato figurine at a Sotheby's or Christie's Auction.
    Armani figurines are not made of porcelain but rather porcelain dust mixed with resin. In other words they are plastic models. They will crack, fade and become brittle if left in the sunlight. True porcelains will retain all their own qualities for hundreds of years.
    Below are two links to articles I have written about the relative pricing of porcelain and non-porcelain figurines.


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  3. komokwa

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    Happy new Year Walter !!!!!
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  4. Walter Del Pellegrino

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    And a Happy New Year to you Komokwa and all the board members who help make this a great place to visit.
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  5. judy

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    Two informative articles. You have a gift for writing. You have the ability to share your knowledge by a very easy and pleasant read. You are so admired by all those who are acquainted via these forums. Thank you for being so generous.
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    Thank you so very much for all your info Walter. Very kind of you to tell me that much! Going to your links to read those also.
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